James Potter | Twenty | Prongs

Hogwarts alumni, and former Gryffindor, though soon to be bad-arse Auror. Had a lovely holiday with one Evans. Sorry, Lily. I've three best mates, though they're rather like brothers. One is a dog, another a wolf, though that's a secret. Shh, I didn't say that. and a rat. Also, that Evans earlier mentioned She really does prefer I call her Lily...old habits die hard, I suppose she's my girlfriend, which you might've deduced. She's my gingersnap, love her completely. Though I still have room for my friends. Nasty little buggers, wormed their way in pun intended, Wormtail and I don't expect them ever to leave.
So, now that you know all about me, I expect the next thing will be to tell you where I'm headed. As earlier stated I'll be a bad-arse Auror but that'll come with some training. Off to the Ministry it is, then!

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